-Breath in... hold...exhale (repeat) Have you tried a calm app?

-think of 3 things to be grateful for (follow me on Facebook for reminders to keep your thoughts in a positive space.

-Mindfulness is a patient with the process.

- Give yourself a permission slip to make a mistake. Self forgiveness is powerful. Read anything by author and researcher Brene Brown...I promise you will thank me!

- Stay present and live in the moment. Feeling of anxiety happen when we think into the future. Experience joy in the grateful moments you are experiencing right now!


Parenting Tips

-Remember your three R's in parenting: Respond, Redirect & Respect.

Respond: How you respond to your children will be how they respond to you and others

Redirect: Remember you are the adult teaching them what behaviors are appropriate.

Respect: If your respect your child and role model they will be learning from your what respect looks like.


HR training tips

Does your company look at your employee's needs?

A good company creates a two way relationship that keeps staff retention and good hard working employees. That also includes nurturing their needs and upward movement.


Could my child have a learning difference?

-Is your child experiencing frustration, anger, stomach aches before, during or after school? Your child could be feeling over challenged at school and can be experiencing anxiety or extreme frustration. For  more information about learning differences...


Favorite sites to keep you positive

coming soon


Recommended books

Anything Brene Brown

More coming soon!